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Welcome to My Hot Wife the best free resource for wifelovers and cuckolds. Many sites make a distinction between Hot Wives and Cuckoldresses. Though there are differences between the two and will attempt to explore them we celebrate all married women and girlfriends who enjoy other men.

The term hot wife refers to a married woman who has sex with men other than her spouse with her spouse's consent. In most cases the husbands of these women will enjoy watching, hearing, or knowing about their hot wives' adventures. Often the husbands take part, sometimes by engaging in a threesome, or sometimes just arranging dates for their hot wives. Wifelovers is a term often used to describe the husband or the lover who is with the hot wife A distinct subculture of hotwiving is cuckolding. This subculture is generally defined by a relationship in which the cuckold husband enjoys the humiliation of his hot wife being sexually satisfied by other men.

Many cuckold couples start out in the swinging lifestyle, then move to hotwifing and then eventually end up as a cuckold couple. A hot wife of a cuckold is often to refer to as a Cuckoldress. Those these two terms are interchange easily there are distinct differences. Some wifelovers are offended to be even in the same sentence as a cuckold. In the hot wife lifestyle the husband usually controls the sexual situations. He finds the lovers and arranges the meetings and often participates in threesomes. Whereas in the cuckolding lifestyle the Cuckoldress is in control and usually finds her own lovers and decides how much the the cuckold husband will participate. The Cuckoldress will engage in humiliating her husband concerning her lovers sexual prowess verses his inadequacy. A common theme in the cuckold lifestyle is for the hot wife to always be with lovers that have larger penises then the cuckold husband. The Cuckoldress enjoys telling her cuckold how much bigger and better her lover is then him.

Some hot wives have cuckolds for husbands and enjoy having lovers but do not enjoy the humiliation and degradation of her husband. They may be more in the category of wifelovers except the husband enjoys being a cuckold. One distinct difference between wifelovers and cuckolds is often in the hotwife lifestyle the couple still swings and the husband often enjoys other women. In the cuckold lifestyle most Cuckoldresses and Hot Wives do not allow their cuckolds to be with other women. Hence the hot wife who enjoys other lovers but not the humiliation aspects of cuckolding but wants her husband to be faithful could be considered a Cuckoldress.

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